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About Us

Here at Enable, we are committed to treating our clients and staff as individuals at all times. We work hard to support our clients with whatever needs they have. Providing consistent support from a small team of workers is the recipe for good support and care in our experience and the relationship we form with clients, their families and the professionals supporting them is the foundation to everything we do.

We often get people referred to us who aren’t keen on having support so time, patience and imagination can assist us in getting to know these clients and helping them see that life can be better with us in it!

As well as supporting our clients, we also work hard to support our team of staff. We know that a happy staff member does a much better job than one who feels undervalued or exploited. Every client benefits from spending time with a skilled, motivated and positive staff member and so it’s our goal that all our staff have the skills to do their job well, enjoy their work and feel appreciated and respected.

Our Values

  • We want our clients to live the life they choose, not the life they are told they should have
  • Our staff are our biggest asset and we will never ask our staff to do something that we haven’t already done ourselves
  • We give time to our clients and staff and so that they can feel valued and cared for
  • We are trained professionals who take pride in training and supporting our staff

We are committed to…

Offering you the very best support services based on our own experiences within the sector. We strive to offer a better quality of service by the following means:

Offering specialised support to people with the most complex mental health needs within the Recovery model. Maintaining your quality of life and supporting older people to live in their own hones for longer. Respecting your privacy and self-respect, recognising that everyone is different and treating everyone both equally and individually.

We train and support our staff to build effective relationships with our clients, aimed at engaging, supporting and enabling them.

Kind words from our staff and customers

Thank you! Finding work to fit in around my main job isn’t easy and your flexible approach made it possible for me. I am grateful for your patience and understanding when i was ill. It was so kind of you both.


To all your staff, a big thank you from someone who was on the receiving end of your care and hard work. You make a difference to people’s lives, we’ll never forget what you did for my Mum and for us.

Neil Rhodes

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