Mental Health Services

We train and support our staff to build effective relationships with our clients, aimed at engaging, supporting and enabling them

Our Support Services

Community Mental Health
Support Services

Our knowledge, experience and commitment enable us to provide specialised support to people with the most complex mental health needs within the Recovery model.

Step Up & Step Down
Housing Services

We work in partnership with Somerset County Council and Somerset Foundation NHS trust – providing short term supported accomodation for people with mental health needs.

Specialised support for people with a range of mental health needs

We offer specialised support to people with a range of mental health needs from younger people experiencing psychosis to older people with dementia. 

We work within the Recovery model and train our staff to engage, support and enable our clients to live independent lives in the community. Our team of support workers provide practical and social support aimed at building daily living skills, confidence and resilience. 

The service is based in Yeovil and we have staff working in small teams across Somerset and Devon.


We Stand Side By Side

Think teamwork


We Are Proud Of Our Past And Excited About Our Future

We know that we are constantly evolving and changing. This is exciting ad we are looking forward to be a part of the Enable journey


We Provide Client Centered Support To Enable Our Clients To Live The Life They Want

We use Support Plans to find out what our clients want to achieve and then we help them meet their goals


Make It Happen

Be a part of Enable and help us to move the business forward to be the best that it can be. Make decisions yourselves, do the right thing and think about what you can do everyday to make things better

I found that getting support for my son was very difficult (he has paranoid Schizophrenia) and was resistant to accepting the support he needs. Debbie has worked hard to build a relationship with him and gained his trust and has been patient and understanding of his difficulties. I would highly recommend enable support to families, carers and service users.

What clients are saying

To all your staff, a big thank you from someone who was on the receiving end of your care and hard work. You make a difference to people’s lives, we’ll never forget what you did for my Mum and for us.
If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, Enable will give you the support you need to come out and cope with situations.
I am so happy I was referred to Enable, I had lost all hope and was ready to give up, from the moment I walked in I felt safe, and so nice to be able to talk without being judged and feel hopeful for the future.
The service provided me a vital stepping stone from hospital to home and so grateful for the support and encouragement.
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